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MONILOT・Starter 達成目標を確認する.jpeg




MONILOT・EVSのFormula レッスンメソッド・フレッド先生.jpeg

② Formula :





MONILOT・EVSのKtoR レッスンメソッド・フレッド先生.jpeg.jpeg

③ K to R* :




*K to R (Knowledge to Reality)

MONILOT・EVSのConfidence レッスンメソッド・フレッド先生.jpeg.jpeg

④ Confidence :



先輩生徒としてお友達に>単語の意味を説明する、英語で何と言うかわからない時に先生への質問​の言い方 "How do you say in English"など

Know a little more about MONILOT services


MONILOT >> Learning solutions for KIDS !

"Solutions especially developed for children growth"
仏・英語のRPG -

The MONILOT know-how is based on certified solutions to help kids growing:

- a learning method

- a Japan Patent Office registered「educational dashboard

- an educational brand for lesson content and stationary

A guide to complete school English

Complete children first stage of English learning with a elementary school textbook additional "guidebook". All the words and grammar needed for

MONILOT - 小学校 英会話_edited.jpg

A booklet to shortcut elementary school English

Elementary school English is about providing elementary content (words and part of speech),

With our "booklet" students learn to differentiate, use the words and make sentences for discussion purpose. The all using their own strength!

Reserve your child's booklet now >>>

仏・英語 RPG:子供が語学の世界で主人公


MONILOT - 40発展 .png

Original RPG game for 小学生

This adventure game has been 100% created for elementary school students progression. Not only a game but also application with the teacher (pronunciation, speaking...). We also provide words list (both used at school and in the game), practice exercises etc.

Test the free version >>>


LILOT東山校で full experience

A guidebook for elementary school students where they can practice real discussion activities.
Based on the the school textbook content and even more!

MONILOT - 千種・リロ東山公園.png

The tools, a trans-age motivational  environment, and dedicated teachers !

A motivational environment to immerse in the foreign spirit. Around kind and skilled teachers the children can have an experience of what it is to evolve in a foreign country.

And more solutions

We regularly develop new solutions for learning and review purpose!

During the lessons, at home and when the kids are not home... language becomes a hobby.

MONILOT - Animation video.png

Solutions and products for all the needs

Animation video >> To motivate kids to speak we create with them animated video where they lend their English voice for the video

My textbook >> confidence in speaking comes from confidence in one's knowledge. Grammar textbook are not easy to understand, so we decided to create textbooks where the students build the content. 

And more >> contact us for a free consultation with our adviser

Your child's lesson plan in 2 to 3 steps

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① Fill the online form

Image by Brett Jordan

② Receive your presentation 

MONILOT・千種区 東山公園駅 語学学校 LILOT体験レッスン.png

③ Come and test in school

See your personalized solution under 3 easy steps

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